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Learn another language and enjoy multicultural activities in  safe places. Summer/Winter. Young or Senior learners. Family Programmes for parents and children.

What we do?

Cosmopolitan Education Membership Benefits

Top tips from the right source

Helping international students make the right decisions:

Destination & Course Selection

Meeting Requirements

Getting The Best Price

Free Student Counselling 

CE's membership programme offers an enhanced experience from the moment our international students are searching for a programme until they actually arrive at their destination, including every step in between and beyond. 


As a student member you get:


  • Free access to a tailor-made selection of recommended educational institutions and programmes from around the world which are based on your goals and expectations.

  • Enjoy top quality certified courses and get exclusive benefits for our valued student members.

  • Members Only Fees: As a CE Student Member, you’ll save up to 10% on tuition fees when you book directly on our website.

  • Free Student Counselling Service for every stage of your international experience. (In English, Spanish and Italian)

  • Complimentary services for members.

Join Now as a Cosmopolitan Education Student Member

We are dedicated to the welfare of our international students.

Our Student Counselling Service provides individual guidance and information on a wide range of matters. Enjoy it from the moment you join.


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