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Learn an additional language, open up new opportunities and get in touch with the world.

What we do?

Cosmopolitan Education Membership Benefits

Top tips from the right source

Helping international students make the right decisions on:

Destination & Course Selection

Meeting Requirements

Getting The Best Price

Free Student Counselling 

CE's membership programme offers an enhanced experience from the moment our clients make the decision to learn or improve an additional language, until they actually find the best way to achieve this objective.

Personal advice is provided every step of the way.


As a student member you get:


  • Free access to a tailor-made selection of recommended educational institutions and programmes from around the world, which are based on your goals and expectations.

  • Enjoy top quality certified courses and get exclusive benefits for our valued student members.

  • Members Only Fees: As a CE Student Member, you’ll save up to 10% on tuition fees when you book a course directly on our website.

  • Free student counselling service for every stage of your international experience. (In English, Spanish and Italian)

  • Complimentary services for members.

Join Now as a Cosmopolitan Education Student Member


We are dedicated to curate the best language courses around the world and provide our student  members with options that match their expectations and open for them global opportunities. Join for free to access our selected range of choices, from General English courses to specific languages for professional purposes. Our Student Counselling Service provides individual guidance for every step of the process.

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